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Tulum has become quite popular over the last few years, but luckily it still has the secluded beach town charm that makes it so special. Living in Texas makes it really easy to travel to, so it’s my go-to locale to relax and reset. It’s a little over an hour and a half drive, south […]

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break! I’m just returning from vacation, and now it’s time to get back into the swing of things. I wanted to share a few photos from my travels last week to one of my favorite cities, New Orleans. I had such a great time. The food, the music, […]

POSTED BY: GINA Although I’ve connected through Heathrow on several occasions, my FIRST time actually visiting England was this year. I felt all over the place and as if I lived on trains, so I didn’t get to take many pictures, but I got a ton of experience.  I flew from Dallas to Chicago to […]

Today we’re taking a look back at Gina’s first guest blog post on her travels to Madrid. The rich colors of the city, the food and the markets seemed unbelievably awesome! Take a tour of Madrid through these lovely photos. Enjoy! VIEW MORE PHOTOS HERE >>>

POSTED BY: GINA I was recently blessed to return to some countries in Europe. I was exhausted from the direct flight to London. Hopping on, off, in and out of trains, planes, and automobiles. Jumping from hotel to hotel. I was also mentally exhausted from worrying about pick-pocketers at every turn, BUT I still had […]

I’m so excited to have my good friend, Gina of banafritd√©cor as a guest blogger. I vicariously live through Gina and her adventures traveling around the world. I thought it would be great to have her share some of her travels with my followers. You are going to love her stories and fabulous photos! She […]

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