A Plant for my Nightstand

Mar 25, 2013

Hi guys! I hope you had a great weekend. My weekends are back to being busy, busy. I’m not complaining because usually my weekends are dedicated to the work I really enjoy. Consulting with my small business design clients, hanging out with friends or just roaming around town discovering new places to share on the blog. This weekend I discovered Brumley Gardens. I purchased this lovely vase below at The Rose Garden and the owner, Kelly, suggested that I take it down the street to Brumley, choose a plant and they would actually pot it for me. Well fantastic!

One problem, I absolutely do not have a green thumb. The only thing I’ve ever kept alive for an extended amount of time was bamboo and from what I’m told, you pretty much can’t kill bamboo. Eric, the associate that helped me was so patient and awesome. He educated me on the plants and we decided that a succulent may be the right choice for me. I chose the Serpent’s Blue Chalk Fingers which needs ample light but only has to be watered roughly once a month. We have a winner!

I love how this little project turned out and I’m excited to love and care for my new plant. Who knows, just maybe I do have a green thumb!

Happy Monday!

hugs ‘n kisses




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